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It may not have escaped your attention the driving test is not as good as it should be. It is there it make sure you are a safe driver, however you are not tested in bad weather, at night, on different types of roads or motorways. 

Actually if the weather is bad, even with a bit of frost on the ground the driving tests are usually cancelled. Indeed you will find in some parts of the country the tests are only conducted in town.

The answer to all of this is the Government programme, Pass Plus. 
Its taken after you have passed your driving test and takes you through all of those conditions, making you a much safer driver. 
Driving your car on a dark country lane without street lights, cats eyes or road markings is very different to driving at 2pm in town on a Tuesday afternoon.

It is the same for motorways, driving in town at 30mph or even on a short stretch of dual carriageway does not prepare you for Motorways and how to keep safe. So give Pass Plus more than a serious consideration and ask your driving instructor about our Pass Plus savings scheme. 

The photo you can see is of Zainub, she took her Pass Plus and we ended up on the M1 the photo was taken at the service station Leicester Forest East. 
A really important skill she learned that day was how to emerge onto a motorway when its really busy and the left hand lane is full of HGV lorries driving nose to tail. 

If you have already passed your driving test then please book your Pass Plus now. If you have a test date booked for your practical be sure to provisionally book your Pass Plus session as our courses are very popular.