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Do you really want to start all over again with your driving lessons?
Nahhh we didn't think so either, and you do not have to.

We think it is great you have already started to learn to drive and we'll ask you about your skills and what you have already learned when you call us. Right from your first phone call we'll be working out how to make you a safe driver and for you to save time and money on your way to passing your driving test.

We offer part trained lessons because we know you don't need to start with the beginner lessons, you'll get bored quickly and why spend money on something you don't need. We certainly don't take anything for granted and your skills are constantly assessed as we help you learn all the new skills needs to pass your test.

Your first time with us is an assessment and a lesson combined as one. We''ll see what you can do and just how good you are. At the end of the lesson we'll have written a report detailing just exactly what you need to learn to get your licence. 

If in the event you have already passed your theory test there is no better time than right now to look at dates for your practical test. There is no time like the present and all we need to do is look at possible dates and schedule in the lessons you need between now and then.

As you can see we are serious about helping you get your driving licence and our part trained course is very popular, so pick up the phone and call our friendly team right now.