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You Do Not NEED To Start All Over

Have you already started to learn to drive?
Maybe with parents, a partner or friends?
If that’s you, you’ll be really happy to know you can save time and money passing your driving test with our special course for people who have already started to learn to drive.

Part Trained Driving Lessons

With our part trained driving lessons, you could save up to as much as 3 months learning and £500.

Our lessons are designed to be built upon the skills you already have learned. It doesn’t matter if you have been practicing in private car parks or on quiet industrial estates with little or no traffic – if you have started to learn, we can save you time and money.

Before you take your first lesson with us, we’ll give you a free partial assessment over the phone so we can get an understanding of where you are at. 

Then on your first lesson we’ll give you a proper assessment, giving you tips and advice to instantly develop your skills.

This all means, your following lessons will now concentrate on the areas you need to learn and develop.

You could save up to £500 or more with our part trained driving course and as much as 3 months learning. So for a faster and safe way to learn, call L On Wheels today.

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