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Are you ready to hit the road and get your driving licence? 
My name is Stephen Brown, I'm the owner of L on Wheels and have a special promise for you...

I know there are lots of driving schools in Boston but who do you choose? How do you know if the driving school in Boston is any good? Well I make your life simple, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your lesson I will personally refund you.

Its my way of offering you a dedicated service, where you and be sure of top quality driving lessons. All you need to do is pick up the phone can give me a call.

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DANGER: Your Chances Of Passing Are Less Than 50% With Most Driving Lessons in Sleaford.

REVEALED: How to pass your driving test on autopilot in Sleaford

You are on the cusp of something so exciting – taking driving lessons in Sleaford
but most driving schools in Sleaford have an appalling pass rate
the national average is around 47%.
Imagine paying all that money for all of those driving lessons in Sleaford
only for you to go and fail

The Cost Of Failure Is Around £300

Do you want to pay another £300 or so for failing your driving test?
Ok, no one is perfect, there are no guarantees in life
but you simply must have a better opportunity of passing than 47%
Once you fail you need to take extra lessons, then book another test
which could be weeks away.

You really want the best opportunity of passing first time
and your journey starts by accepting and understanding
it takes two people to teach. The teacher and the learner.
One big reason why learners are failing left, right and centre
is because the driving instructor in Sleaford hasn’t explained properly
the importance of your role as the learner.

Any good driving instructor in Sleaford will be checking if you totally
understood the instructions and what is required from you.
And you need to feel happy to ask any question you want
even if you repeat the same question over and over.
Sometimes it takes the question to be phrased in a different way
so you can understand. That is exactly the sort of driving lessons in Sleaford you want.

Most Driving Instructors In Sleaford Don’t Know Why You Fail

In a recent survey among driving instructors on a Facebook group
around 80% stated the #1 reason for failing the driving test is nerves.

It is simply not true!

The DVSA who are the government department for driving tests
state the main reason for failing is observing at junctions.
In truth they don’t record nerves!
If you are nervous on your test how are you going to be in a bad traffic situation?

Saying that nerves is to blame
is blaming the pupil for failing.
But teaching and learning is  2 way street,
both you and the driving school in Sleaford are in this together
why should you take the blame?

We understand that people may have an element of nerves
but if you know you can drive
if you have been driving on your lessons without needing your instructor
then you can and will do the same on your driving test.

People who suffer from nerves on the driving test
are the learners who are not confident because they are not fully prepared.
They have not completed their learning to drive syllabus and they
have not passed a mock test.

Passing Your Test on Autopilot

You really want to be going into your driving test
knowing you have every chance in the world
to come out the other side with your full driving licence.
What you would love is to drive on autopilot
hassle and stress free so you can impress the driving examiner.

Our driving lessons in Sleaford are designed so you can pass your 
driving test like a normal and car driver would do.
And this is what we'll teach you.

On every lesson and every skill you are going to learn you will include 
observing the Highway Code, being in control if the car at all times, 
having the ability to spot hazards, and you will want to be a safe driver.
This is turn you into a driver where you switch on autopilot mode.
You just know how to drive...

When you meet your driving examiner you want to have all the information
you want to have mastered the skills of driving
and you want to be able to drive with ease

To pass your driving test and get your licence contact our team today

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