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£70,000 a year careers for driving instructors 

The pandemic has changed many lives and for those people thinking of training how to become a driving instructor in Lincolnshire this is going to be very exciting and opportune for those willing to seek a better way of life.

How to become a driving instructor in Lincolnshire earning £70,000 a year…

WARNING: It seems a lot of money, and some people will never start their ytraining because they do not think they are worth earning this type of income. NEVER let self limiting beliefs get in the way of your success.

Here’s some important information for you.
Due to the pandemic about 20% of driving instructors have stopped teaching people how to drive. Some were already considering a change because it happens, people come and go, but many brought their retirement forward while others still use their licence but for advanced driving courses in line with health and safety programs, they ni longer teach learners.

Also, it’s estimated fewer people want to use public transport and that leads to more people wanting to learn to drive. The cause and effect of supply and demand is very much in favour of the driving instructor and prices of lessons are naturally rising, with some instructors charging more than £40 an hour, many are well beyond £30 an hour. So for people who are currently working on or slightly above national minimum wage, the possibility of taking home £1200 a week is just breath taking.

Don’ be attracted to just the money.
It’s easy for any driving instructor training company in Lincolnshire to tell you how fabulous the financial situation can be, but we need to be serious here, do tou know what it’s going to be like ?

Due to the pandemic it is anticipated even more people will want to learn how to drive, with fewer people using public transport. But during the pandemic a lot of driving instructors stopped work and closed their business forever !

Why ?

Well, for many they were already going to stop teaching learners and the pandemic just made it happen quicker for them. Retirement, change of lifestyle and using their driving instructor licence in a different way, they no longer teach people how to learn to drive but have gone into industry on the back of health and safety projects in big businesses.

It’s estimated that there are 20% less driving instructors today due to the pandemic, yet it’s also estimated the number of people learning to drive is increasing.

So if you want to start driving instructor training in Lincolnshire, now is the time and there are a lot of reasons to start training today.

The first reason is the price of lessons are increasing due to the lack of driving instructors. For driving instructors making around £1000 a week in 2019, going into 2021 it’s clearly possible to earn perhaps £1300 to £1500 a week, that’s in the region of £75,000 a year. Can you see why driving instructor training in Lincolnshire is a brilliant option to take?

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If you went to university for three years you can expect to have a debt in the region of £30,000 to £50,000, but as long as you are aged 21 or over and have had your UK driving licence for at least three years, you can start earning money as a trainee driving instructor from an investment as low as £1000. It could be a little less, it could be a little more depending on how quickly you learn.

And here’s what the wise business person will do.
They spread their payments out over a longer period, usually by using a small loan or a credit card if those options are available to them.

Here’s the fun exciting part.
You really could be giving lessons and earning from 2 months from now as a trainee instructor.
That’s why you seriously need to consider driving instructor training in Lincolnshire with us.

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When it comes to training to be a driving instructor in Lincolnshire, just have a little faith in yourself. You deserve the opportunity.

We have seen ex forces, former teachers, shop staff, factory workers, office staff, middle and senior managers, and single mums and dads , of all ages train to become driving instructors in Lincolnshire. Some were working only part time earning less than £12,000 a year, while others might have been earning £50K+. Anyone with the right attitude can train to be a driving instructor, and if you have never earned big money before, it doesn’t mean you can’t now. Be good to yourself and give this a go.

We have been conditioned in our lives to accept our standing, “once a factory lass, always a factory lass”. But that doesn’t have to be the case, it’s for you to decide how you want to lead your life and if you really fancy helping people to learn to drive, then this could be for you.

You’ll actually become more than an instructor, you are a professional friend, supporting your client with creating a wonderful opportunity. The things you can do with a driving licence are breathtaking, from going to university, finding a better job, social mobility and even love.

When you help someone pass their driving test the feeling is wonderful, it’s so much more than just a certificate. It’s a new life for your client and you have played a major role for them. The chances are they will remember your name for the rest of their lives.

Yes, you can earn fantastic money when you become a driving instructor in Lincolnshire, but we hope you see it’s also much more than that.



Have an experience day…
For just £97 come and join us for the day and let us show you what it’s like to be a driving instructor.

Our usual price is £197 so if you grab this opportunity right now you’ll save £100
Here’s what you’ll get.

Join us on a minimum of 3 lessons
You’ll sit in the back of the car observing real life lessons so you get a proper understanding of what it’s like to work as a driving instructor. Valued at £210

Have your very own first instructor lesson.
We are going to see how you drive, compare it to the standard you require to become an instructor and then create you a personal training routine so you can polish up your skills to the leve needed. Valued at £100

Theory Test Training
The first part of training to become a driving instructor involves you passing an adanced theory test. We’ll provide you with the training program you need. Valued at £100

The total value of our special day is £510, we usually offer the day for just £197, but for a lilmited time you can have this wonderful training experience for only £97

This is clearly the best way to see if driving instructor training in Lincolnshire is the best career move for you.

Driving instructor training in Lincolnshire

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