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£70,000 a year careers for driving instructors 

L on Wheels is a driving school that specialises in helping people become driving instructors in Boston, and today we would like to introduce you to our special driving instructor training open day…

Driving instructor training in boston is here for you now!

Why How to become a driving instructor in Boston earning £70,000 a year…

Before we explore how, don’t let any self limiting beliefs about money and what’s possible in your life get in the way of this opportunity. You can do this, it’s just a question of if you want to.

There has always been an issue between the numbers of people wanting to learn to drive and the available number of fully qualified driving instructors who are ready to take on new clients. For anyone who wants to become a driving instructor in Boston, if you are willing to train and have a cheery attitude to life, the chances are you’ll succeed… and the money can be fabulous.

Due to the pandemic it is anticipated even more people will want to learn how to drive, with fewer people using public transport. But during the pandemic a lot of driving instructors stopped work and closed their business forever !

Why ?

Well, for many they were already going to stop teaching learners and the pandemic just made it happen quicker for them. Retirement, change of lifestyle and using their driving instructor licence in a different way, they no longer teach people how to learn to drive but have gone into industry on the back of health and safety projects in big businesses.

It’s estimated that there are 20% less driving instructors today due to the pandemic, yet it’s also estimated the number of people learning to drive is increasing.

So if you want to start driving instructor training in boston, now is the time and there are a lot of reasons to start training today.

The first reason is the price of lessons are increasing due to the lack of driving instructors. For driving instructors making around £1000 a week in 2019, going into 2021 it’s clearly possible to earn perhaps £1300 to £1500 a week, that’s in the region of £75,000 a year.

driving instructor training in boston



For those people seriously considering training to become a driving instructor in Boston, let’s have a look at the sums.
For less than £1000 you can start as a trainee driving instructor which means you can earn an immediate income, thats the start of the good news, but what’s going to happen in the future when you are fully qualified ?


A driving instructor charging £35 an hour and delivering 20 lessons a week ( 2 hours per lesson) will earn £1400 a week, and that’s without working any over time you may like to put in, or placing a surcharge for working outside of regular hours, if you wish to do that. See our learner driver lessons here.

driving instructor training in boston

The only thing holding you back to becoming a driving instructor in Boston, is a little bit of belief on your side.

Perhaps the main reason for people not taking up the training to become a driving instructor is the potential income you can earn. Going from what you might be paid now, say £15K to £30k is a big jump to £50k to £75k and it leads some people to think “Am I worth it? Do I deserve it?” And it’s such a shame, because this is your life and we only have one chance.

The real money though, is not made today. While £75,000 a year looks great, and ok you have to take out your costs but you do get a brand new company car, and a driving instructor with a resonable business plan can make £60,000 after costs and thats with your company car !

However, as someone starting to train to become a driving instructor in Boston, the big money comes over the years ahead. Why ? Because today you are starting your reputation, people are getting to know you and over the next few years this is when referrals and recommendations start to flood in.

What does that mean for you ?
Well you could take on a driving instructor in your own team.
There are many people who will snap your hand off at being paid £25,000 a year to teach people to drive, especially when they are only earning minimum wage now. So you can see how bringing in your own instructors to work in your team, where you pay them a salary… you take the rest. Anyway, that’s in the future, but all of a sudden you can see how you and a team of just 2 or 3 driving instructors can create you an income of £150,000 a year.

The most important thing for you right now though is to try this out.
And there is nothing like a little bit of on the job training.
So how about you come and join us for the day ?
If you are serious about driving instructor training in Boston – phone us now.




For just £97 come and join us for the day and let us show you what it’s like to be a driving instructor.
Our usual price is £197 so if you grab this opportunity right now you’ll save £100
Here’s what you’ll get.

Join us on a minimum of 3 lessons
You’ll sit in the back of the car observing real life lessons so you get a proper understanding of what it’s like to work as a driving instructor. Valued at £210

Have your very own first instructor lesson.
We are going to see how you drive, compare it to the standard you require to become an instructor and then create you a personal training routine so you can polish up your skills to the level needed. Valued at £100

Theory Test Training
The first part of training to become a driving instructor involves you passing an advanced theory test. We’ll provide you with the training program you need. Valued at £100

The total value of our special day is £510, we usually offer the day for just £197, but for a limited time you can have this wonderful training experience for only £97

Driving instructor training in boston

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driving instructor training in boston