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Driving Routines

Learning how to drive can be quite challenging especially if you are a beginner.  However these simple helpful routines will help to make the job easier and guide you through the process. These five driving routines will help you to pick up basic routines that will help you to become a confident...
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Defensive Driving

Exactly when you thought you had seen it all . . . . . Do you believe you’ve seen all there is whilst driving on roads?  People, eating, reading, texting, putting makeup on and so on?  Some drivers may go above and beyond in the ‘bad driving stake...
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WARNING: Most Driving Schools In Boston have a Failure Rate BIGGER Than Their Pass Rate

Did you know the overall pass rate is somewhere between 40-50%,
It means more than half of learner drivers are going to fail
at least one driving test.
And that will cost you an extra £250 to £300.


Considering you have just spent 40 hours or so learning how to drive
you would believe the first time pass rate would be much higher
it's not
and it gets worse...!

...In a poll on Facebook (Feb 2017)
When driving instructors were asked the #1 reason for failing
around 80% said nerves.
They were wrong.

The DVSA who conduct the tests and record all the data say
the #1 reason for failing the test is observation at junctions.
In fact "Nerves" don't even appear in the top 10 reasons.
How can driving instructors get this so wrong?

Let me challenge you,
phone any driving school in Boston and ask why people fail
their driving test and most will say nerves.
But you should not be nervous?
People are only nervous because they are not fully prepared
therefore not confident and/or do not know what to expect.

Is it really fair to blame the learner?

How To Avoid A Test Fail

You want to pass first time - who doesn't.
So here is how to do it.

First up, you have to understand what is really needed.
The driving test is all about you being a safe driver
its what the examiner is looking for.
How do you become safe?

The driving examiner wants to know you can drive safely
and there are 4 factors to being a safe driver.

1.  Obey the Highway Code
2. The car is always under control
3. You can spot hazards
4. You have the desire to be a safe driver (attitude)

Now lets take those 4 points and introduce them on your 1st
driving lesson in Boston. How about we use them on every
single skill you are going to learn? Makes sense!

Passing Your Test On Auto Pilot

Wouldn't it be great to go into any test or exam and
just breeze through it and come out with an A.
You already know, when you have the answers and you 
are fully prepared and confident - you know you will pass.

Taking your driving test is the same,
there is no such thing as bad luck
(another reason driving instructors in Boston give for failing).
If a black dog runs out in the street
or some idiot emerges from around a bus and causes havoc
this happens every day and you need to be prepared.

You want to be able to go into your driving test 

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