'L' on Wheels Offers Driving Instructor Training throughout Lincolnshire

If you’re tired of your current role, would like to have more flexibility or are looking for real job satisfaction, contact ‘L’ on Wheels to change your career and change your life! Get your FREE report by Stephen Brown of 'L' On Wheels. A successful driving instructor has a permanently full diary and is always in demand. This is because:

  1. The majority of 17 year olds can’t wait to learn to drive. About 75% of our pupils are 17 to 19 years old.
  2. Passing the practical test has become more challenging.

Driving tests are longer and more in depth, the roads are busier and the rules and regulations more complex. It is widely accepted that a fully qualified and experienced driving instructor is the best person to share their knowledge, expertise and training with a budding driver who wishes to learn to drive and pass their practical test. 

This is exactly why there’s a continuous demand for good, qualified driving instructors. Begin your training today and, in the near future, you could be the one to offer your skills and acquired knowledge as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). You could work as part of a franchise for an established driving school or, because the start-up costs of a driving school are relatively low, you start your very own driving school business.

As a self-employed driving instructor, you will have: 

  • The freedom to choose when and how long you work for - full time or part time hours
  • The liberation of becoming your own boss
  • Real, personal job satisfaction when your pupils pass their driving test - imagine the elation you will feel when a pupil passes their test due largely to your teaching
  • The opportunity to make friends from all backgrounds and with varied personalities – they become a huge part of your working life whilst they are under your wing

We are part of three  Driving Instructor Training Organisations:

  • SmartDriving is the leading online resource for driving instructors across the UK
  • Blink Instructor Training.
  • Tri-coaching Parnership.

If the prospect of becoming a Driver and Vehicle Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DVSA ADI) appeals to you, then please phone Stephen on 01205 367004 or 07702 064409. It is also usually a good idea to arrange to meet up somewhere for an informal chat.